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 Saxton Oval - Nelson

Welcome to my pitch on NZ cricket.

This site began in early March 2011.

It was initially designed to document and map all New Zealand cricket grounds.

Since then the project has grown to catalogue all NZ cricket clubs as well and display their details, with links to their web sites.

It has been a major labour of love for the author but he has appreciated the wonderful support of so many fellow cricket lovers.

There is still some work to be done however, and data to be added, corrected and improved. Any assistance and feedback you can give would be most appreciated.

My thanks to all of you.

kind regards - John Baumfield

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COMASSIST is designed to assist RNZ cricket commentators.
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"Well done John.

With your enthusiasm and passion for this project I have no doubt it will be another brick in the wall of cricket information about NZ cricket. This is as important as the anthology of NZ cricket poetry, "Tingling Catch". 

Yours will be a unique feature of the game in the world and cricket followers on the internet will be delighted.

Warmest regards,

Don Neely"